Q: Can I order birthday cakes?
A: You can order our regular Birthday or Wedding Cakes from Kulu Kulu Online Cake Order.

Q: What type of custom cakes can you make?
A: Please see our “Wedding Cake Gallery” and “Birthday Cake Gallery” available on Facebook. If you see a design you like, please download and attach to the “Contact Form” when you place your order.

Q: How many people does each whole cake size serve?
A: Please refer our “Size & Number of People” chart.

Q: Can you make cakes that are over two (2) tiers tall?
A: Yes, but please keep in mind that each tier must be at least three (3) inches smaller than the tier below. Please talk to us about requests for cakes over four (4) tiers.

Q: What is the price for a custom cake?
A: Please ask for the price on our contact form as prices of custom cakes depend on the market price of the raw ingredients.

Q: What flavors are available for the custom cakes?
A: Our default flavor is our most popular: the Strawberry Shortcake featuring fresh strawberries, homemade whipped cream, and a soft sponge cake. Otherwise, you have a choice between our other sponge cakes: Chocolate, Cheesecake, or Tiramisu.

Q: I have a picture of the type of cake that I’d like to order. Are you able to replicate that?
A: We try to do our best to deliver your request. If you have a type of cake in mind, please attach a photo in the Contact Form.

Q: What is a “Picture Decoration”?
A: We have the capability to print edible images to place on your cake. We will charge an additional $9.95 per image. If you are interested, please send the picture file in our Contact Form.

Q: Do your cake orders include candles?
A: We carry candles, sold separately. Our candle options include a 24 Normal Candles Set ($2.00 per set), 10 Magic Candles Set ($3.00 per set), and number candles ($3.00 per candle). If you would like us to include candles, specify in the Contact Form.

Q: Can you add fresh flowers to the cake?
A: Yes, we can. Fresh flower toppers begin at $30. Flower colors, type and estimated price will depend on season and availability of the flowers.

Q: Can you put a message plate on cakes?
A: Yes, our message plates are free of charge. Please tell us your exact wording in the Contact Form.

Q: Can you add cake toppers on the cake?
A: Yes, we carry a few cake topper options. Please view all options here. If you find one that you’d like, please let us know in the Contact Form.

Q: Do you deliver cakes?
A: Our regular menu is available for delivery through Uber Eats.
All other cake deliveries will depend on our delivery staffs’ schedule. All cakes will be delivered from Waikiki Eaton Square shop. We are currently only able to deliver within a 10-mile radius of our Waikiki Eaton Square location (generally within Waikiki and around Ala Moana Center). We are unable to leave cakes at any hotel’s front desk; however, we are able to deliver to you personally.

Q: How much does it cost to request delivery?
A: About Uber Eats, please refer to its site.
For all other deliveries, we charge $30 for deliveries within three (3) miles from our store. All deliveries over three (3) miles, will cost an additional $10 for each mile beyond the radius. Please click here to check the distance of your location from our store.

Q: How do I order cakes or ask additional questions about cakes?
A: Please reach out to us via the contact form at the bottom of this page. You can also visit us in our store. In order to avoid any misunderstandings, we would prefer not to accept your orders or answer your questions over the phone.

Q: How far in advance should I place my cake order?
A: We ask for a minimum of five (5) days before the event for a Short Whole Cake. For other whole cakes and custom cakes, we ask that you place your order at least 14 days before the event to give our team time to prepare. We accept requests for any final changes up to seven (7) days before the event. Should you have a peak season, but please feel free to ask us, as we will do our best to help.

Q: Can I pick up the cakes before your business hours?
A: The earliest you can get the order is 10:00 AM at our Royal Hawaiian Center location, and from 9:00 AM at our Waikiki Eaton Square location.

Q: How do we pay?
A: We accept payment by credit or debit cards for online orders.  We will send you an invoice via email after confirming your order. A gratuity for the delivery staff is always appreciated.

Q:Are there any cancellation fees?
A: No fee will incur if a cancellation request is received four (4) or more days before the event. However, if a cancellation request is received two or three (2-3) days before the event, we will charge 50% of the total due. Cancellation requests received less than 48 hours before the event will incur a 100% total charge.


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