Father's Day Cake | 父の日のケーキ

Father’s Day Cake | 父の日のケーキ

Beer Mug shaped Kona Coffee Roll!!! It’s non-alcoholic. Available from June 15 to 17  $16.50 ビアマグのかたちをした […]
6/10 Father's Day Decorating Workshop | 父の日クッキー教室

6/10 Father’s Day Decorating Workshop | 父の日クッキー教室

This workshop was fully booked. The next will be held on August 5!! 今回の受付は終了いたしました。 次回は8月5日に開催予定です。 ご期待くださいませ。
Strawberry Fair | 6月はイチゴフェア!

Strawberry Fair | 6月はイチゴフェア!

Strawberry Omelette  $4.75 Our popular Honolulu Banana turned into Strawberry Version. Fresh Strawberries make […]
Honolulu Ekiden & Music 2018

Honolulu Ekiden & Music 2018

We donated our waffles to Honolulu Ekiden & Music 2018. Runners, did you get to eat them? Some of our mana […]
Mother's Day Special Cake!!! | 母の日のケーキ

Mother’s Day Special Cake!!! | 母の日のケーキ

Mother’s Day 2018 is coming soon. kulu kulu prepared special cakes for this special day to express your […]
5/6 Mother's Day Decorating Workshop | 母の日クッキー教室

5/6 Mother’s Day Decorating Workshop | 母の日クッキー教室

Please join us for our popular “Cookie Decorating Workshop” for kids! The workshop starts at 11am […]
kulukulu YATAIMURA| 5月は屋台村開店

kulukulu YATAIMURA| 5月は屋台村開店

Theme for May is kulukulu YATAIMURA!! All these YATAIMURA menu looks so realistic!!!!  These are cakes!!!! OKO […]
Children's Day Cake | こどもの日のケーキ

Children’s Day Cake | こどもの日のケーキ

Childeren’s Day Cake is Available on May 3 to 5 $32.00 Now Accepting Pre-Orders!!! こどもの日のケーキ 5月3日(木)~5日( […]
Cream Puff Fair!!! | 4月はシュークリームが大集合!

Cream Puff Fair!!! | 4月はシュークリームが大集合!

Cream Puff Fair!!! Adding 3 new flavor to our signature puffs!!!! Strawberry Puff $4.25 Combination of Strawbe […]
SAKURA Blooming Days | 3月のテーマは桜

SAKURA Blooming Days | 3月のテーマは桜

“SAKURA blooming days” is a Theme for March!!! SAKURA Roll Cake $3.75 So simple but delicious. Che […]
Girl's Day | ひな祭り

Girl’s Day | ひな祭り

Girl’s Day Cake available at all locations!!! 『ひな祭りケーキ』今年も各店舗にてご用意いたしております‼!
Happy Valentine's Day! | バレンタインチョコレートケーキ

Happy Valentine’s Day! | バレンタインチョコレートケーキ

Our Heart Shape Chocolate Cake for Valentine’s Day with special someone…. おふたりサイズのハート型チョコレートケーキをご用 […]