We are offering strawberry desserts for May!


🍓Strawberry Paris Brest $5.95

Cream puff topped with mac nuts is filled with strawberry jam and strawberry custard cream. Please enjoy the visuals and the textures!


🍓Strawberry Pineapple $6.95

Sour strawberry mousse with a pulpy pineapple jelly filling. Italian merengue is squeezed over the top as a cute decoration.


🍓Strawberry Rare cheesecake $6.50

Soft textured strawberry rare cheesecake with a berry-filled jelly center and graham cracker bottom.


The strawberry treats will be available at our Eaton Square and Royal Hawaiian Center locations in May.

Please come by and try these cute desserts! 🍓


Eaton Square (438 Hobron Ln, Ste 102)

Mon-Sat 8:30am-7pm

Sun & Holidays: 8:30am-5pm


Royal Hawaiian Center (Building B, 2nd floor in the food court)

Mon-Sun 10am-9pm






🍓いちご パリ・ブレスト $6.50



🍓いちごパイナップル $6.95



🍓いちごレアチーズケーキ $6.50






イートンスクエア店 (438 Hobron Ln, Ste 102)

月~土 8:30am-7pm

日・祝 8:30am-5pm


ロイヤルハワイアンセンター店 (ビルディングB、2階フードコート内)

10am-9pm 毎日営業