Would you consider sending a kulu kulu e-gift card for Mother’s Day?

We are offering four special Mother’s Day designs!

E-gift cards can be purchased through our online order site and emailed to your mom.

It can also be used in stores and on our online order site. It is a very convenient gift!

Gift cards | KULU KULU ONLINE ORDER (square.site)


Let’s send kulu kulu e-gift card as a Mother’s Day gift‼🎁


* Please make sure you type in the correct email address.

* Minimum $30~

* E-gift Cards can be purchased ONLINE ONLY.




母の日のプレゼントにkulu kuluのEギフトカードはいかがでしょうか?







母の日のプレゼントに、ぜひkulu kuluのEギフトカードをご活用ください‼🎁



* ご購入の際は、ご入力いただいたEメールにアドレスに誤りがないかご確認ください。

* ミニマム$30~となります。

* Eギフトカードはオンラインでのみご購入いただけます。