We are offering special chocolate desserts for the month of February.


Chocolate Mango Mont Blanc $6.75

Mont Blanc filled with lilikoi jelly, mango cream and covered with milk chocolate mousse.

A chocolate cookie is placed on the bottom to give it a soft taste.


White Chocolate Raspberry $6.25

White chocolate mousse filled with raspberry jelly and covered with raspberry glacage.


Opera $6.25

Opera is a traditional French chocolate cake for adults.

Soft chocolate sponge, sweet milk chocolate cream, and coffee-flavored buttercream with custard cream.


These desserts are only available in February at our Eaton Square and Royal Hawaiian Center locations.

Enjoy the different flavors of our chocolate desserts!



Eaton Square (438 Hobron Ln, Ste 102)

Mon-Sat 8:30am-7pm

Sun & Holidays 8:30am-5pm


Royal Hawaiian Center (Building B, 2nd floor in the food court)

Mon-Sun 10am-9pm







チョコマンゴーモンブラン $6.75



ホワイトチョコレートラズベリー  $6.25



オペラ $6.25






イートンスクエア店 (438 Hobron Ln, Ste 102)

月~土 8:30am-7pm

日・祝 8:30am-5pm


ロイヤルハワイアンセンター店 (ビルディングB2階フードコート内)

10am-9pm 毎日営業