New items for November | 11月はパンプキンフェア

Crispy Pumpkin Pie $3.50

Sweet pumpkin and almond flavor starts spreading in your mouth when you have first bite of this crispy pumpkin pie!!!

Pumpkin Cheese Cake $4.50 Whole 8” $36

Our popular pumpkin cheese cake is back!

Pumpkin Cheese Cake with cinnamon spice. The best choice for your gathering.

Whole size is also available!

Pumpkin Butter Mochi $2.75

Traditional Hawaii sweets Butter Mochi turn into kulu kulu version.

Please try the combination of pumpkin, cinnamon, and mochi!!!

Pumpkin Chiffon Cake $3.75

Turkey shaped chestnut flavored chiffon with pumpkin custard cream

Pumpkin Pie  8” €$29.50

Limited for Nov.18~23

Special Pumpkin Pie for Thanks Giving week!!!

クリスピーパンプキンパイ $3.50


パンプキンチーズケーキ $4.50 8インチサイズ $36


パンプキンバター餅 $2.75


パンプキンシフォンケーキ $3.75


パンプキンパイ 8インチサイズ $29.50 (11/18~23のみ限定販売)