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In Japanese, Kulu Kulu means “round and round,” which is an accurate description the pastry brand’s success–on an upward spiral. And with the opening of Kulu Kulu’s third location at Royal Hawaii Center’s Paina Lanai this month, it doesn’t seem like the confectionary store will be slow its roll anytime soon.

The ever popular Japanese pastry shop is rolling out (sorry, last one!) a new concept exclusive to the Waikiki store: soft serve ice cream with two locally-sourced flavors. The “Maui Vanilla Bean” from Maui and “Kona Coffee” using 100% Kona Coffee from Big Island are sure to be a hit—but a mix of the two flavors in the “Hawaii Twist” is set to be in high demand.

The newest shop will also feature Honolulu Bake Shop by Kulu Kulu with Maui Vanilla Custard Pudding and Kona Coffee Pudding. Also made available is the Honolulu Banana—a miniature fluffy dessert omelet confection made of locally sourced apple-banana topped with chocolate or plain cream and wrapped in a sponge cake.

Other sure hits include favorite Kulu Kulu café items such as jelly drinks. A new jelly drink, “Tropical Lemonade Jelly”—a refreshing balance of sweet and tart in jelly drink form—will make its debut. With the expansion of Waikiki largest food court, customers will have plenty of room to relax and enjoy a sweet treat from Kulu Kulu’s newest location.

But perhaps the best news of all is that Kulu Kulu at Royal Hawaii Center will carry all of its signature pastries including the Diamond Head Puff (chocolate cream puffs) and the famous array of roll cakes. All of the signature cakes will also be available along with the Kulu Kulu traditional complimentary service of adding a chocolate message plate (for those looking to customize their cakes with a short message). In short, if you need a cake for a celebration in Waikiki, Kulu Kulu has you covered!

Kulu Kulu at Royal Hawaiian Center will celebrate its grand opening with the general public on Thursday, May 12. The first 100 customers will receive a Kulu Kulu limited cooler bag ($9 val.) when they spend over $10.


2016年5月12日、“日本の街のケーキ屋さん” のイメージで親しまれている「クルクル」が、ワイキキの真ん中ロイヤルハワイアンセンター内フードコート「パイナ・ラナイ」に待望の3号店をオープンいたします。当日は、グランドオープニングを記念して、$10以上お買い上げの顧客先着100名に、クルクルオリジナルの保冷・保温バッグ($9相当)がプレゼントいたします。チョコレート色にピンクのロゴがアクセントになっている、シンプルながらも使い勝手の良いバッグです。