magazineAugust Theme “Kulu kulu Zoo”

Chick Chick Puff $2.95 
Classic combination of Whipped Cream and Custard Cream is fully stuffed in a puff!
Please come and see our adorable Chick Chick Puff!

Matcha Gator $4.50
Gateau Chocolat made from white chocolate and green tea is formed as an alligator.
Enjoy bittersweet combination of whipped cream and Mathca green tea.

Lion Roll $3.95
Cute Lion Chocolate Roll!!!
Custard cream and chocolate cream inside a roll make sweet harmony.

Bunny Mocheese  $4.50
One of our popular cakes “Mocheese” has turned to be Bunny Mocheese!!!
Please take us home!!!!

Bear Puff $2.95
Our best seller Diamond Head Puff has turned to be a bear!!!
Full of hazel nut cream inside!!! Don’t miss it!!!